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Chocolate bonbons and sculptures

My chocolates are handmade, natural, with no preservatives. Some ingredients in the fillings are directly from Natalie's garden (berries, mint, lavender...). On special occasions (Christmas, Valentines, Easter), unique designs and flavours are made available for a short period of time (limited edition).

Délices de Natalie


Products and services

Products and services

Chocolats artisanal aveyron chocolatier fait main mariages anniversaires fetes 2


When it comes to Chocolate, I am always looking for new flavours to bring to the table. On special occasions such as Easter and Christmas, I create limited edition seasonal boxes and I definitely recommend that you try on.

Artisanal Wedding cake with white roses 3


Order a delicious and personalised cake for a Birthday, Christmas, an engagement party or a Wedding... Let's discuss your perfect cake for your special day.

Chocolate making classes aveyron


Join me for a two-day beginner class for in Villeneuve d'Aveyron. You will learn about ingredients, tools and chocolate making techniques to create perfect mouthwatering flavours.

Chocolate scuptures artisan exhibitions aveyron events


Join a private event and discover the art of chocolate sculpture creating. Let me know if you're interesting and I'll put you on our next guest list...

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The founder

My name is Natalie and I am the founder of Delices de Natalie. I have alwys been passionate about baking, making chocolates and sharing my creations with my close friends and family.


My first chocolate salon, in January 2020, pushed me to pursue this new career fully and share what I do with the rest of the world. 

Today, I am living my dream job, specialised in chocolate making. I dedicate all my time towards research, finding the perfect flavours that compliment each other.

I hope you enjoy discovering my creations and find something that you wish to try. Please contact me if you have any questions or requests.

The choco savoir-faire

My products are made from high quality Barry chocolate. I follow a specific process to create every single piece of chocolate to preserve its fine quality, taste and shine. 

Furthermore, my chocolates are entirely handmade and natural, with no preservatives or chemicals. This means you can preserve your chocolates for a limited amount of time in a cold room or fridge and you can savour natural flavours with every piece.

Upon request, vegan options for chocolates and cakes are available (no dairy, no eggs).


Client testimonies


My friend gave me a box of your chocolates for my birthday.  Absolutely and completely delicious.  I’m about to contact you to order some for my husband’s birthday.  Thank you.


A year ago, I got such a lovely box of chocolates. The bonbons were delicious and all the products you make are real peaces of art.


Beautiful chocolates that are a treat for the eyes and the tastebuds. Without exaggeration, these are the best chocolates that I have ever eaten.


Fantastic presentation and delicious chocolates. This is our second order and they were a treat to look at and even better to eat. Great attention to detail and good value.  Natasha is now our go to chocolatier and star baker.


Absolutely delicious and beautiful chocolates with wonderful fillings. I took some to my family in the UK.....all eaten in about an hour!

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